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Drive Safely Around School

Morning Drop-Off Guidelines.
- Slow down, obey all traffic laws, and use safe driving practices around Sutterville Elementary.
- Drive Under 5 miles per hour.
- Do not get out of car in drop off areas.
- No u-turns, anywhere.
- Keep Crosswalks clear of cars. Do not park cars or wait in cross walks.
- Yield to pedistrians in crosswalks - The person has the right of way.

Positive feedback tells us that our volunteer crossing guard and orange cones are helping with traffic safety in front of our school during our morning drop-off. We have noticed, though, that our handy-dandy drop-off zone in the parking lot is virtually unused in the morning, while cars in front of the school are blocking the crosswalks and parking lot exit while they wait for a spot at the curb. If everyone (except the school bus drivers) were to use the parking lot's drop-off zone, we would make another big step toward keeping our students safe as they arrive at school. Thank you!

Sutterville Box Tops for Education

Clip and save the Box Tops when you find them on participating products, then put them in the Box Tops container near the Multi-Purpose room entrance. 

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